Stolen Art !!!

Went to pick up my painting from the Harmony Arts Festival Group Exhibition… Unfortunately for me, some really ballsy woman simply lifted it off the wall and walked away with it an hour before I got there! Totally horrible karma! Here is the painting: Title: Right Place At The Right Time. Size:42″ wide, 37″ tall. Medium: Oil on canvas, by Druh Ireland

Right Place At The Right Time


One thought on “Stolen Art !!!

  1. Hello Druh, I am so sorry to hear that! It was a very nice painting. And quite big too, that took some nerves to steal it! I was in the same show and picked up my paintings today. I was talking with a lady volunteering there and she was telling me she was nervous about the idea that it would not be so difficult to steal a painting.

    I emailed Katherine last week because I did receive a few emails of people who liked one of my paintings but were concerned that it was displayed in direct sunlight. She moved it but it made me think that exhibiting in that tent was not the best settings…

    Anyways, so sorry about this news. Sandrine

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