Pilgrimage to see TOM WAITS!!!


Flew to San Jose, CA with my daughter 2 weekends ago to see Tom Waits in concert. We had been saying that we would go anywhere within reason to see him, so when we discovered he was playing this show we put our money where our mouth is, and booked the trip. (we’re in Vancouver, Canada) It was a benefit concert organized by Neil Young (You rock Neil!!!) for the kids at The Bridge School in San Francisco. It was a big outdoor amphitheater…  great acoustics… & great line-up. Diana Krall, I have a huge whole new appreciation for you! Neil came out and jammed from time to time with the musicians on stage, and then it was Tom. From the moment he stepped up to the mic, paused then gave us a deep throaty “Hello”, the crowd went wild. We danced through his whole set, and when it was done, seems like half the crowd emptied out right then & there. (won’t mention who was supposed to go on next…) We love you Tom! Thanks for a GREAT show!

I’ve been super busy in the film industry lately. Back to work, and gainfully employed again as a cutter in the costume department. Did a fun kids movie called A Fairly Odd Summer, then worked for a few weeks on an up-coming film called The Interview with Seth Rogan & James Franco. A few quick weeks off now before the next one starts, the Shades of Grey movie. Trying to get my year-end books done & off to the accountant, and so many other errands to do too. The 12 hour days in film don’t leave much time to do anything but work, eat & sleep.

I’ll have maybe a week in my painting studio before the next show starts. REALLY looking forward to that. Got some new paintings accepted into the North Vancouver Art Rental program. There will be an exhibition for that, so I will blog about that when the time comes.

Until then, thanks for reading,




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