48″ x 24″
Oil on canvas by Druh Ireland.

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Here’s my best family story. 1912, my grandmother is 18 years old, living in Austria. She has been promised in marriage to a fellow who had moved to Canada. His apprenticeship completed, it’s time to marry, so my grandmother sets out to Liverpool to take the ship to Canada. Her brother was to be her escort on the voyage. He was late, had missed some connections, so she had to let the ship sail without her until he arrived. She was really bummed because she really wanted to sail on that ship. It was so hyped. It was the maiden voyage. It was the Titanic.

So, here I am. I really don’t know how to tell that story, but it’s a true story. My mother’s mother.

This painting refers to connections. Since I’ve recently started blogging, I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the new connections I’ve made through this site. Shout out to everyone who’s reading this!

Title: Connection
Size: 48″ x 24″ x 1.75″
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Price: $1200
Condition: New
Location: Vancouver, Canada


5 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Really a story to tell. There is a birthday song in Germany containing words that translate “how nice that you have been born, otherwise we would have missed you very much”. Yes, indeed!

  2. Druh, your story is so touching and I see the connection in your artwork too! I also did a homage to my parents- who were born in Italy – who travelled far and made sacrifices to come to Canada – you can see it on my website – It’s called Italian Nest! And yes – I agree – connections are the best – I think we should start an Art Cafe on the North Shore – what do you think?

  3. It’s nice to see read the story of your family coming here and your related painting which I really like by the way! I too did an homage to my parents called Italian Nest – you can see it on my website – they sacrificed so much to come here – sounds like your great grandmother did the same!

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