48″ x 24″ Oil on canvas by Druh Ireland. view larger image Here’s my best family story. 1912, my grandmother is 18 years old, living in Austria. She has been promised in marriage to a fellow who had moved to Canada. His apprenticeship completed, it’s time to marry, so my grandmother sets out to Liverpool… Read More Connection


60″ x 30″ Oil on canvas by Druh Ireland. view larger image This is a good example of the kind of layering and textures I like to build up in oil paint. Being a larger format work, I kept the main colors quite laid back or neutral. The interest comes in the energetic scribbling and… Read More Interior


53″ x 41″ Oil and Alkyd on Canvas painting by Druh Ireland. This painting was recently exhibited at the North Vancouver Art Crawl, north Vancouver British Columbia. This is a nice mix of mellow colors and bold graphics. Soft and strong at the same time. This painting is only minimally textured (unlike some of my… Read More Engagement